Public Health Division

Healthcare access: WIC, youth, dental and more Environmental Health: Hotels, pool/spa, restaurants Infectious diseases: Alerts, reporting, and response Policy and data: Center for Public Health Advancement Population Health Strategies Vital statistics: Birth and death certificates

Access to care

We provide access to quality programs and information so our residents can have good physical and mental health.

Environmental Health

We provide inspections, licenses, and education to facilities so they can continue to operate in a healthy and safe manner for the public.

Infectious disease control and prevention

We partner with the healthcare community to investigate, track, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Policy and data: The Center for Public Health Advancement

The Center for Public Health Advancement provides information so partners can take action to improve the health of their community. Our services include data analysis, policy & planning, research, emergency response and outreach.

Population Health Strategies

We want Clackamas County to be a healthy, safe place for everyone to live, work and play. A healthy community includes clean air and water, stable and affordable housing, access to healthy food and streets designed to prevent injury.

Vital statistics

We provide birth and death certificate services to families and funeral homes so they can establish their identification or settle an estate.