Sustainability Office

Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Every time we drive, fly, turn on an appliance, discard waste, and cool or heat our homes we emit greenhouse gases into the air. Some greenhouse gases are required to keep the earth at a livable temperature. But, in excess they have a negative impact by trapping too much heat in the atmosphere which warms the planet and changes our climate. An eco footprint is a measurement of how much your lifestyle impacts the earth in terms of the resources needed and the waste produced. You can also measure your impact by counting greenhouse gas emissions, measured in units of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Sustainability Policy and Procedures

In April 1990, the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners assumed a leadership role in the Metro region by being the first local government to adopt an internal solid waste management policy. Led by the Department of Transportation and Development's Community Environment Division, the development of the policy involved the cooperation of many County departments.

What Can You Do?

The practices on this page are not just more sustainable, they will save you money. For more sustainability information explore the links below. This list includes a sample of useful websites; there are many others.