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License your dog

We provide dog shelter, stray care, adoptions, and lost and found services. We reunite owners with lost dogs and match adoptable dogs with good homes. Is your home a good match for one of our dogs?

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Annual Putt for Mutts Fundraiser

The public is invited to join the Clackamas Dogs Foundation at the fourth annual Putt for Mutts fundraiser on Friday, May 17 from 6-10 p.m. at The Aerie at Eagle Landing Golf Course. Tickets, $100 each, include dinner, two drink tickets, putt-putt golf, a silent auction, and endless amounts of dog talk!

All proceeds benefit the Clackamas Dogs Foundation and its mission of advancing the welfare of dogs in Clackamas County. To join the fun, register online. Download flyer.

Wish list for dogs at the county shelter

We accept donations such as enrichment toys, dog food, treats and medical supplies at the shelter. Each donation allows the dogs in our care to enjoy a better quality of life during their stay with us. Review the current wish list.


Licensing your dog will help us reunite you should your dog become lost. Licensing also helps pay for the care of homeless animals while we attempt to find them a new home. If you are on any sort of government assistance, you are eligible to receive a voucher for a no-cost spay or neuter and a rabies vaccine when purchasing a one-year dog license. Purchase or renew a license.

Free microchipping, rabies vaccination for licensed dogs

We offer free microchipping dogs on the fourth Saturday of every month between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. for county-licensed dogs. We also offer free rabies vaccinations when purchasing or renewing a license at the clinic. Microchipping and rabies vaccine details.

License your dog. It's the law.

Is barking a problem?

Continuously barking dogs can be an annoying neighborhood problem. Our barking dog resolution program is designed to resolve issues related to continuous barking.

If your dog is barking excessively, consult our guide to why dogs bark.

Dog waste management 

If pet waste is left on the ground, it may eventually make its way into a nearby storm drain or stream the next time it rains.

  • Storm drains in streets and yards direct storm runoff to the nearest stream or into the ground.
  • Decaying pet waste consumes oxygen, releases ammonia, and carries harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites, such as E. coli.
  • Pet waste contains nutrients that promote weed and algae growth.

More on pet waste management

Keep our water clean. Pick up after your pet.

How we're doing

View our Maddie's Fund annual statistics.

We are a founding partner of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland