Financial Fitness

VOYA Retirement Services

Wendy StefaniWendy Stefani, a VOYA financial representative can help you with signing up to start your 457(b) deferred compensation plan. Watch for e-mails from Benefits announcing dates when Wendy can meet with you. A conversation with Wendy can help you make your own plans for your retirement, budgeting, and financial goal-setting. Contact Wendy at 503-937-0363 or toll free at 800-638-3141.

You can also visit the VOYA Retirement Services webpage for Clackamas County, which has many educational resources and tools.

Financial classes

Benefits and Wellness sponsors financial well-being classes. Topics include financial and retirement planning, financial protection, and employee benefit options. Classes are on employee’s own time and announced through email. Here is the current schedule.

Class descriptions

Benefits After Retirement
Not sure what will happen to your County benefits when you retire? Worried about the cost of maintaining your coverage during retirement? Jason Morrill from Benefits helps guide you through your options, explains the process of retiring from the County, and points you to some great resources!

Flexible Spending Account 101
What is it? How does it work? What expenses are eligible? Learn more about the flexible spending account and how it might benefit you.

Budgeting for Success
How you manage your money can affect your future. Do you have a system in place? Learn how to be wise with your money, get tips on stretching your dollar, pick up simple DIY tricks for managing your spending habits, learn the easy mechanics for budgeting, and become familiar with free money management software.

Financial Planning Basics
Jump start your financial planning. Learn processes and ideas that can help you create a personalized plan based on your unique financial needs. Receive an overview of the entire financial planning process from basic budgeting to complex retirement planning. Learn about topics relevant to your goals regardless of where you are financially.

Identity Theft Protection
Identity theft can happen to anyone and even the most cautious of people can be at risk. Educate yourself on the current scams taking place. See how to recognize a scam or identity theft attempt. Learn how to protect yourself from being a victim of ongoing scams. Get tips on how to report in the event you do become a victim of identity theft.

PERS Retirement Readiness
This presentation is ideal for Tier One/Tier Two members who are within three years of PERS retirement. Topics include a step-by-step review of a PERS estimate of retirement benefits, retirement options, and retirement timelines; guidelines on completing the retirement application; an explanation of working after retirement rules; detailed information regarding the Individual Account Program (IAP); and a list of available resources.

Introduction to PERS Retirement for Tiers 1 & 2
This presentation is ideal for Tier One/Tier Two members more than three years from PERS retirement. Topics include a look at available resources, information about Online Member Services estimates, a review of retirement timelines, an explanation of working after retirement rules, detailed information regarding the Individual Account Program (IAP), and other information you may find useful as you move toward retirement.

All About OPSRP
This presentation is ideal for members at any stage of their careers who began PERS-covered employment on or after August 29, 2003. Topics include membership and vesting requirements, information regarding Online Member Services and estimates, retirement eligibility, detailed information about the Individual Account Program (IAP), and member resources.

VOYA Retirement Readiness
Wondering how much your monthly retirement income will be or how to start your PERS payments? Wendy Stefani from VOYA provides a checklist to help make the transition from active employment to retirement seamless.

Wills and Trusts
Interested in learning more about putting together your will or trust, or helping a family member think about the process? You will receive an overview of the basics of wills, trusts, and planning. One of the benefits available during the open enrollment period is the Hyatt Legal Met Life prepaid legal benefit package.


Being employed at Clackamas County means that most of us become eligible for the Public Employees Retirement System or Oregon Public Services Retirement Plan. Whether you are enrolled in PERS or OPSRP will depend on when you first became eligible to receive this benefit. To learn more about PERS or OPSRP, visit the links below:

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Clackamas County Employees are provided with life insurance through Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in their comprehensive benefits package. However, additional coverage may be necessary for you and your family’s financial security. When a loved one dies, there is not only a financial need for the funeral and burial services, but you may also need to replace family income, pay for child care services as a single parent, or take some time off work to grieve. If you have a need for additional life insurance, you have the option of purchasing more coverage directly through Metropolitan Life.

Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union

As an employee in Clackamas County, you become eligible to join Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union whether you live in Clackamas County or not. A credit union is different than a bank in that it is a not-for-profit organization that is a member owned, cooperative financial institution. Banks are for-profit organizations. Consequently, you may find that you can get more "bang for your invested buck" with a credit union. Additionally, you still receive many of the same services and products you would with a traditional bank. If you want to learn more, visit the Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union website.