Civil Filing Fees and Costs

Effective Jan. 1, 2018

Filing Fees

Plaintiff Filing Fee
FED Dwelling $83
FED Commercial Non Residential 90
Small Claims 37
Civil Action 90
Defendant Filing Fee
FED Dwelling 83
FED Commercial Non Residential 83
Small Claims Request for Hearing 37
Civil Action 90

Other Fees

Motion $30
Trial 75
Jury Trial
Paid in addition to the filing fee listed above
Notice of Restitution 10
Writ of Execution 20
Certified Copy of Judgment 9
Writ of Garnishment 20
Transcript of Judgment
Plus additional $9 to transcribe Small Claim to Civil

Costs and Disbursements: Prevailing Party Fees

Small claims/civil actions No trial after trial
No Money or damages at issue $50 $60
Money or damages at issue 110 125
FED: No trial after trial
Restitution of Premises only issue $50 $60
Restitution and Money damages at issue 100 115