General County Budget Committee

In accordance with state law, 5 community members serve on the budget committee, alongside the Board of County Commissioners. The community members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

The committee meets late May through early June of each fiscal year to deliberate and approve the General County Budget. They also meet an additional 2 to 3 times per year to receive updates on the budget process.

  • terms span 3 years
  • vacancies filled by the Board of County Commissioners
  • incumbents must reapply to be considered for subsequent terms


County Commissioners

Name Position Term Current Term
Tootie Smith Chair 2nd 2021-2024
Sonya Fischer Commissioner 2nd 2019-2022
Paul Savas Commissioner 3rd 2011-2022
Martha Schrader Commissioner 3rd 2017-2020
Mark Shull Commissioner 1st 2021-2024

Citizen members

Name Community Term Appointed Term Ends
Shaun Coldwell Lake Oswego 2nd 9/12/2017 6/30/2023
Tom Feely Gladstone 2nd 10/24/2016 6/30/2022
Anh Le Happy Valley 1st 9/24/2019 6/30/2022
Jan Lee Sandy 1st 9/27/2018 6/30/2021
Wilda Parks Milwaukie 3rd 11/4/2014 6/30/2023

Additional Budget Committees

Commissioners also sit alongside five board-appointed community members to approve budgets for the following agencies for which the board serves as the governing body:

  • Clackamas County Extension & 4-H Service District
  • Clackamas County Service District #5 (CCSD#5) – street lighting district
  • Development Agency – urban renewal district
  • Enhanced Law Enforcement District
  • Library District of Clackamas County
  • North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District (NCPRD)
  • Water Environment Services