Vision, Mission & Values

For more information on the Sheriff's Office's long-term vision,
download our Strategic Plan (PDF format).


As members of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, our vision is:

"To Become a World-Class Sheriff's Office."


Our mission is to preserve life, uphold the law, prevent crime, hold offenders accountable, and promote safety while finding innovative solutions and building partnerships with the community.

We fulfill the mission of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office through teamwork and partnerships, as reflected in our motto:

"Working Together to Make a Difference."


We will fulfill our vision and complete our mission by adhering to these core values:


We will be truthful in all we do and say,
acting with character and principle
and serving the community in an open,
transparent and professional manner.


We will serve the community with
compassion and commitment,
lending our strength to those
who are most vulnerable and
unable to protect themselves.


We will always be fair and impartial,
enforcing the law without bias or favoritism.
We will treat each person we meet with courtesy
and honor their rights, beliefs and diversity.