Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL Grants)

The Public Health Division of the Clackamas County Health, Housing, & Human Services (H3S) Department funds community-based projects that reduce chronic disease through healthy eating and active living among county residents.

Grant recipients initiate community projects focused on the first goal of the County’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) – "Develop systems, resources, approaches, and policies to minimize health risks, prevent chronic disease and support healthy lifestyles." The CHIP encourages Clackamas County residents, in collaboration with Public Health Division staff, to engage in activities that will promote a healthier Clackamas County.

HEAL grants provide funding to prevent chronic disease by increasing long-term access to active lifestyle and healthy eating for Clackamas County residents, reduce the prevalence of chronic disease, and empower residents to take steps toward improving their health.

2017 Grant Recipients

The following 11 organizations will receive a total of $75,000 in grant funds:

  • Arts & Technology High School – Create fitness and garden spaces to enhance physical and mental wellness opportunities to students; $8,000
  • Clackamas Community College – Create student bicycle rental pilot to allow students to commute to college. The pilot will increase students access to physical activity and reduce transportation barriers to education; $7,995
  • Clackamas Service Center- Implement a tracking system for food inventory in real time that lets clients request specific items in their food boxes. Improve access to facilities to mobility-impaired clients; $8,000
  • Gladstone Food Pantry – Develop monthly cooking demonstrations on planning and preparing nutritious meals for food insecure clients; $2,000
  • Growing Gardens- Provide culturally relevant education and supplies to low-income Latino families to increase their knowledge, skills and practices that promote growing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables; $6,500
  • Prince of Life Lutheran Church – Expand capacity of the community garden by increasing raised beds and installing irrigation; $2,505
  • The Canby Center- Provide healthy cooking education classes and remodel and certify kitchen for food services to serve the economically disadvantaged and food insecure population; $8,000
  • Welches Schools – Oregon Trail School District- Create a play and exercise area for children of all ages to engage in activity that supports their physical, social and emotional well-being; $8,000
  • Screen and Intervene – Year two of County matching funds for a Kaiser Permanente funded HEAL Communities grant. Students at Estacada, Oregon City, and Sandy High Schools will participate in a healthy environment scan of their school and implement changes that increase and sustain access to healthy food and free water;
    Estacada High School $8,000
    Oregon City High School $8,000
    Sandy High School $8,000

Past recipients

Grant writing and evaluation resources


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For more information on the HEAL Grant Program and activities, please contact Kirsten Ingersoll, Community Engagement Coordinator at or 503-742-5954.