New openings on ABC: Budget, Community Involvement & Public Safety

From: Katie Wilson, Clackamas County Public and Government Affairs, 503-655-8552

Media and Interested Parties

Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking interested residents to serve on county Advisory Boards and Commissions (ABCs). These ABCs offer residents the opportunity to become very involved in specific activities and the goals of Clackamas County.

New ABC openings from the past week include:

  • Clackamas County Budget Committee: This committee has an opening for one position which carries a three-year term. This committee advises on the annual budget for the primary county government. Applicants for the position must be residents of the county and be available to attend a series of meetings during May and/or June to review and approve a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The county operates on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. The committee also meets quarterly to review and discuss budget-related matters. 

    In order to have balance and diversity of membership representation in terms of geographic area, gender and experience, commissioners seek volunteers from all backgrounds and areas of the county. The application deadline is Aug. 30. For more information, please contact Laurel Butman at or 503-655-8893.

  • Committee for Community Involvement: This committee has three openings, each of which carries a three-year term. Members advise county commissioners and county staff on the development and coordination of community involvement programs that promote and enhance public participation. 

    The committee meets on the third Tuesdays of the month in Oregon City. Experience and participation in a community planning organization, hamlet or village is helpful as a majority of the work on this committee is in conjunction with such groups. The deadline for applications is Sept. 14. For more information, contact Katie Wilson at or 503-655-8552.

  • Local Public Safety Coordinating Council: This council has vacancies for a city manager and a mayor/city councilor. The ideal candidates will have background and/or interest in public safety or criminal justice. Once appointed, they will serve a term length determined by the appointing authority. The purpose of council is to develop and recommend to county commissioners plans for the use of state and local resources to appropriately and effectively address the local adult and juvenile offender populations, prevent criminal involvement of youth, and coordinate local criminal justice policy among all criminal justice entities.

    The deadline for applications is Aug. 30. For more information, contact Korene Mather at or 503-650-5683.  

Individuals interested in these opportunities can apply online or via a paper form that can be obtained from the Public & Government Affairs Department by calling 503-655-8751 or in person at the Public Services Building at 2051 Kaen Road in Oregon City.