McLoughlin Area Plan - Implementation Team (MAP-IT)

MAP-IT is a 15-person, community-driven task force established in 2012 to help implement the projects and programs outlined by the MAP 1 and MAP 2 committees.  (Statement of Purpose)  Membership is made up of representatives from area community planning organizations (CPOs) and businesses.

MAP-IT was recognized by the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners in 2013 (Letter of Recognition) and submits quarterly reports to the Board. The county has reaffirmed its agreement with MAP-IT each subsequent year. In March 2018, the Board continued its recognition for MAP-IT indefinitely, and approved the following two documents prepared for and approved by the MAP-IT member organizations:

For earlier reports, contact Ellen Rogalin, 503-742-4274.

For more information about MAP-IT activities, contact MAP-IT Chair Terry John Gibson at

McLoughlin Area Plan Phase I (MAP 1) -- McLoughlin Area Plan Vision Framework

McLoughlin Area Plan Phase II (MAP 2) -- MAP Phase II Report

The Five Components of the McLoughlin Area Plan, approved by the Board of County Commissioners on condition upon board approval to spend staff resources, March 15, 2016

Park Avenue Development and Design Standards Project