What Landlords Don't Know About Lead

In an informal survey of 500+ NW landlords representing 9,700+ rental units, it was found that:

  • 25% still don't know that HUD / EPA requires lead disclosure in all residential units built prior to 1978 (including use of a specific brochure on the subject).
  • 1% are still not aware that HUD / EPA also requires disclosure (with use of a different brochure) prior to many repairs or renovations made to pre-78 properties.
  • 50% didn't know HUD / EPA requires that many repairs or renovations be done by a certified lead-safe contractor.
  • 37% still don't know it is been illegal to deny housing to a resident simply because there are children in the household under the federal Fair Housing Act (even in pre-1978 properties).


The NW survey was informative in a couple more ways: Community Energy Project

  • It uncovered confusion surrounding the two different HUD / EPA pamphlets. Only about a 1/3 knew there were two different brochures. To further confuse the matter, the newer Renovate Right pamphlet has been revised.
  • It also indicated that 64% of landlords surveyed didn't know that a metro area nonprofit offers free "living lead safe" workshops yet 83% indicated they planned to learn more about lead, reduce lead hazards, educate residents about lead, and / or inquire about a lead workshop.

Housing providers are required to know and comply with the federal lead disclosure and certification requirements. And, as recent cases demonstrate (see insert at left), the penalties for non-compliance can be significant.

Recent Enforcement Headlines

Klamath Falls Landlord to Pay $24K for Failing to Notify Tenants of Lead Hazards, 06/27/2012

MD Landlord Imprisoned for Repeated Violations, 06/06/20122

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